Lighting a fire during camping is one of the most important skills. No matter the format of your recreation whether it’s easy camping or hard tracking, you’ll need to start a fire.

Nowadays more and more tourists stop cooking on an open fire, but sometimes it’s still needed to dry clothes or shoes near the campfire. Or availability of light is essential for survival. So ability to easily and quickly start a fire is super important.

What is usually used for it:

•           Lighter or matches;

•           Wax tissues;

•           Tourism fire steel.

We suggest looking at huntsman’s matches Base Camp STOPMPROOF MATCHES. Lighters or regular matches might become wet during bad weather; fire steel gives just a spark that might not be enough for starting a fire during windy or humid weather. But stormproof matches do not have these disadvantages. Moreover duration of flaming of these matches is up to 25 seconds, this is surely enough to light a tablet of dry alcohol or to dry a moss or grass.

Features of huntsman’s matches Base Camp

Main difference of hunter’s matches Base Camp STOPMPROOF MATCHES from others is ability to light during any conditions:

•           Such matches don’t die off on wind unlike regular matches, ignition mixture covers not only head of a match but up to 80% of a whole length. That’s why no matter how strong is the wind, your match won’t die off.

•           Time of ignition – 20-25 seconds. This is achieved by increased amount of ignition mixture. During this time you can light a fire.

•           They start a high temperature fire thus small branches will dry and burn quickly so the fire is guaranteed.

•           Waterproof. Even if you drown burning match Base Camp STOPMPROOF MATCHES in water and pull it out, it will still burn. Mechanism of work is a bit similar to bengal lights – untill wooden core is covered in mixture, it will continue burning with stable fire and will not die off in harsh weather conditions.

•           Hermetic packing. For better storage conditions manufacturer BaseCamp provides matches in hermetic packing, so matches are not only safe from excessive moisture but also they are safe from breaking and their outer coating will not crush in your backpack.

•           Burn even during rain. You can use them during humid wheather and when you start fire during midseason.

To whom waterproof matches BaseCamp STOPMPROOF MATCHES are suitable?

Hunter’s matches will be useful any time you plan to out into nature.  They won’t take a lot of space in your backpack, but will definitely save you during starting a fire. Usually these matches are chosen by:

•           Hunters and fishermans are the main categories of users for these matches. Their main purpose – quckly light a fire in any conditions.

•           Tourists. Especially those who go to long hikes of different technical difficulty. Even if you prefer small burners or integrated systems of cooking like jetboil, don’t forget to take such matches with you. BaseCamp STOPMPROOF MATCHES will help you easily start a fire to dry clothes or, in emergency situations, to save life.

•           Survivors and different kinds of bushcrafters. For them such matches are the basic of their equipment. As the harder are the conditions, the more interesting it is. Ant hunter’s matches often make starting a fire easier.

•           Military during training or during special operations do not always have comfortable conditions. Starting a fire mught be a reak challenge in such siruations. So military often choose dry alcohol, hunter’s matches and small windguard.

•           Pyrotechnics and sappers use storm matches not only for starting a fire. Base Camp STOPMPROOF MATCHES provide high enough temperature to light a flame retardant cord. Regular lighter or matches are not able to do it.

•           Cottagers use them to easily light a grill, even for stoves they prefer to use hunter’s matches.

Safety measures during use of hunter’s matches Base Camp STOPMPROOF MATCHES

Even with their versatility of usage, hunter’s matches require certain rules in storage and usage.

•           Keep in a dry space. Base Camp STOPMPROOF MATCHES are supplied in hermetic packing, they are able to burn even after being covered in water or being drowned. But if you want to be sure in their quality in any conditions, you need to keep them away from water.

•           Be careful during starting a fire.

•           Hermetic packing is equipped with spark surface. With this remember that after a long time sulfur head might fall apart during starting a fire.

•           Matches should be held by wooden core. Outer coverage of hunter’s matches has enough warmth to light a cord for a sapper, so be careful with it and protect your fingers. Total length is 70 mm, part of what is covered in ignition mixture, however, approximately 1/5 of it is wooden core which is also flammable. So after the mixture is burnt you need to be extra careful.

•           Matches Base Camp STOPMPROOF MATCHES are not explosive and won’t catch fire by themselves.

•           Manufacturer recommends keeping storm matches out of children’s reach.

Ukrainian manufacturer Base Camp has in their line not only camping furniture, but instruments to light a fire, like hunter’s matches Base Camp STOPMPROOF MATCHES, gel for lighting a fire Base Camp Burning Gel and dry alcohol BaseCamp SOLID FUEL.

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