Outdoor equipment from the official representative in Ukraine

The wholesale company Shambala Mountain Group is the official supplier in Ukraine of sportswear, travel equipment, trekking shoes, equipment for climbers and industrial climbers, as well as equipment and clothing for winter sports.

The Shambala Mountain Group company was founded in 2004, and today it is the official distributor of the world leaders in the outdoor industry in Ukraine.


SMG company policy is to sell travel equipment and equipment only through a dealer network of sports stores.

The basic principles of our work are to offer only high-quality items to the end consumer through a dealer network, the service of which must be at a high level.

The company's scope of work is wholesale sales to specialized stores and online stores for tourism and sports throughout Ukraine. We are constantly expanding our dealer network and looking for new clients and partners. The list of our partners can be found here.

We offer only high-quality products in wide categories of goods for active people and travelers. Today we have selected the most complete collection of brands, the range of which can satisfy and qualitatively fill any specialized store in the field of outdoor, hunting and fishing, tactical equipment or cycling.

Accapi (Italy) – winter and summer thermal underwear for active sports for any weather. Zoned thermal underwear with medium compression for the body.

Acepac (Czech Republic) – manufacturer of bags, backpacks and equipment for cycling tourism. The best offer on the Ukrainian bicycle market.

Adventure Menu (Czech Republic) – ready-made food in vacuum packaging for tourists and travelers. High quality freeze-dried food from organic products. Food for vegetarians.

Asolo (Italy) – trekking shoes for tourists, climbers, hunters and fishermen.

AbsoluteBlack (England) - manufacturer of chainrings for all types of bicycles.

Blike (Ukraine) – manufacturer of bicycle chemicals, oils, sealants; made in Ukraine.

BioLite (USA) – individual wood-fired cooking systems, LED lights, portable solar panels, picnic grills with batteries and mobile phone chargers.

Black Diamond (USA) – LED headlamps and camping lights, trekking poles, backpacks and a full range of mountaineering equipment, shoes, expedition tents.

Basecamp - is a Ukrainian manufacturer of quality goods for tourists, fishermen, hunters, outdoor recreation and camping.

Buff (Spain) - original seamless multifunctional headwear that will protect you from solar radiation, wind and frost. Popular among people involved in various sports and outdoor activities.

Gibbon (Germany) is a world leader in the production of slings for walking and fitness – slacklines.

Jetboil (USA) – systems for individual cooking in all weather conditions, with high efficiency and gas savings.

Jones (USA) - best-in-class splitboards and snowboards for freeride, ski touring and freestyle, winter equipment.

Karakoram (USA) - professional bindings for splitboards and snowboards.

Kona (Canada) - manufacturer of iconic competition bikes.

Lanex (Czech Republic) – manufacturer of static and dynamic ropes for sports, mountaineering, work at height, yacht ropes of various diameters.

Light My Fire (Sweden) – tourist functional tableware, drinking containers, spoons and accessories made of food-grade bioplastic.

Lowe Alpine (USA) is a recognized world leader in the production of tourist and urban backpacks, travel accessories, travel bags, clothing for mountaineering and tourism.

Now (Switzerland) – comfortable bindings for snowboards.

PIEPS (Austria) – avalanche transceivers and beepers, shovels and probes, avalanche safety and avalanche rescue equipment.

Pinguin (Czech Republic) – manufacturer of reliable and budget travel equipment: tourist and camping tents, sleeping bags, backpacks for tourists, camping utensils, gas burners.

POC (Sweden) is a premium brand in the category of ski masks and helmets, helmets and goggles for cyclists. All masks and goggles for cycling and winter disciplines are equipped with lenses from Zeiss Ikon

RaceOne (Italy) – manufacturer of drinking bottles and flasks for cycling and fitness.

Sea to Summit (Australia) is a brand that produces a wide range of products - accessories for outdoor activities and travel, tents, sleeping bags, inflatable and self-inflatable mats, aluminum and silicone cookware, flasks and bottles.

Singing Rock (Czech Republic) – special equipment for rock climbing and mountaineering, equipment for performing work at heights.

Silva (Sweden) - world leader in the production of compasses for orienteering and yachting, LED lights, trekking poles.

Smartwool (USA) – wool thermal underwear and socks, wool accessories.

SwissStop (Switzerland) - brake discs, brake pads of various types, special products for brake systems.

SOG (USA) is a stylish, reliable brand for the production of knives for tourists, hunters, fishermen, knives for everyday carry, special knives for the military and law enforcement agencies.

Tatonka (Germany) – a wide range of backpacks (from children’s to expedition), tents, stainless steel camping utensils and accessories for travelers.

Tasmanian Tiger (Germany) - tactical and special equipment for the army, security agencies, special forces and hunters.

Tendon (Czech Republic) – produces static and dynamic ropes for mountaineering, speleology, rock climbing and mountaineering, auxiliary cords of various diameters.

Teva (USA) – a large range of sandals, sneakers and boots for outdoor activities.

Thermopad (Germany) - chemical heating pads for cold weather.

360 Degrees (Australia) – stylish and practical thermoses, bottles from 0.5 to 1 liter, thermal flasks for travel.

Magicshine - bicycle light, flashlights
LifeSrtaw - filters, water purification systems

Our mission is to provide a quality standard of living for our employees and their families. Promote an active lifestyle and active sports. Support young athletes of Ukraine. Maintain a high level of service to all our partners. Inspire you to new discoveries and achievements.

Being a reliable partner and working with us is profitable and convenient!

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