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"WARM on body = WORLD in soul" is our motto, which means "while you are warm, the good happens to you". Since 1986, when our first down jackets were created, we are trying to translate this idea into all our products.

As with most similar old Czech producers, it all started with our own need for equipment for mountains, water and hiking trips. As soon as we were able to meet our own needs, friends began to ask us: "Do the same to me ...". We sewed and unconsciously laid the foundation of the company, which is still engaged in the production of equipment for outdoor activities.
Throughout our existence, we have mastered many disciplines and crafts: we built our own workshop, and then factories, coped with machinery and textile technologies, bought and imported materials, managed employees and organized production (once Warmepace had more than 80 employees) , the import of equipment for tourism through friendly companies from abroad, the sale of goods in our own store, participation in world and domestic trade fairs, exports, foreign languages (some times in the beginning we couldn’t say "Good day!"), funding and management of all this ... etc. We have learned a lot about it, and there is something we can boast of, and also what we will definitely do today, and than we do not like to show off.
We are a conservative firm both in production and in sales. We prefer personal contacts between people, we strongly support stores with live people behind the counter and in front of them, and we appreciate their work and efforts. Choosing the right equipment, we rely on personal experience and common sense. We have witnessed the emergence of most outlets in the Czech Republic and around the world, and have become part of the market to which we still belong, and where we feel very well. We strive to remain an interesting supplier for all our affiliate stores and their customers.
Products appear, develop and go away, but there is a wonderful outdoor community, of which we have the honor to be a part, and we will enjoy it as long as we can.

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