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    Many ropemakers used to travel across the land with a rucksack on the shoulders or on a handcart and made the required cords directly in the farmyards for some flax, food or occasionally for money. Ropemaking was not a lucrative trade and the majority of ropemakers lived from day to day. Ropemaking was not counted among municipal guilds, it was not even mentioned among the 68 trade types at Opava after the Thirty Years’ war. But yet it survived till the present time. After the end of World War II, there were only 10 ropemakers with trade licence in the former Region of Ostrava. And only three ropemakers, namely Emil Vlček, Josef Polášek and Eduard Wisniowski, worked in the vicinity of the city of Opava in 1947.

On 7th February 2009, Lanex a. s. Bolatice celebrated the 60th anniversary of its foundation which is considered to be the transfer of the Silesian Cordage Mill from Chuchelná to Bolatice by Eduard Wisniowski. The company is a leading Czech manufacturer of products belonging to the field of technical textiles. It is necessary to mention braided and twisted ropes and cords made of fibre materials for water transport, fishing, civil engineering, agriculture, paper industry, load restraint assemblies, dynamic and static ropes for mountain climbers, firemen and persons working at height, products for lifting of loads, high-tenacity technical fibres for production of yarns for rope and cord production. The turnover of Lanex a. s. has been continuously growing up and export makes 85% of it today. The company exports to more than 55 countries of the world, of which the leading markets are those of the European Union and the farthermost export territories are Australia, the USA, Iceland and Japan. 
In 2005, a rebranding of the assortment of dynamic and static ropes was done and a new product brand for that assortment was introduced – TENDON. 
Today, TENDON is a young but well-known and globally successful brand of static and dynamic ropes. Thanks to our know-how and the long-term cooperation with universities, research institutes and certified laboratories as well as to our continuous investing in development and modernization of equipment, we became a supplier to the most demanding clients in the world. 
We are one of the leading world manufacturers on the market of mountaineering equipment and personal protective equipment for work at height, for military purposes, and for rescue activities. During the years of its existence, Tendon established itself as a professional and innovative brand. 
All our high-performance and innovative products are being developed and produced in the Czech Republic and are certified and in full conformity with international safety standards of the European Union.

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