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    TATONKA is a company with global operations and wholesalers in around 35 different countries in all 5 continents of the world. The bison, the animal of our trademark, awakes associations with North America, such that hardly anyone is aware that our company has its roots and its head office in Dasing, South Germany.
    TATONKA is in fact a family company in Bavaria, now meanwhile in the second generation. The founder of the enterprise, Winfried Schechinger, recognized very early that in Germany and Europe there was a growing market for outdoor products and in 1980 he had already set up the company Mountain Sport GmbH for the sale of sport articles. In 1993 the trademark TATONKA was created and the company changed its name to Tatonka GmbH.The idea for the trade name arose from the film "Dances with Wolves", a film which remains popular today. In the language of the Sioux Indians, indigenous to North America, the bison is known as "tatonka" and is a symbol for peaceful living in harmony with nature, but also for its usefulness to man.
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