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    In 2008 we started off as two brothers in a garage with a home-made CNC mill. Today we’ve grown into a manufacturer with customers worldwide and team of people who define Karakoram. You’re welcome to come by the shop, grab a beer and see how we build bindings.
    Our ambassadors are world class athletes, mountain guides and advocates for Karakoram. Every athlete and guide we work with approached us about trying our gear. Our ambassadors believe in what we are doing and believe in our gear.
    Karakoram ambassadors test our gear all over the globe in the harshest conditions, from splitboarding in the polar lands of the Arctic Circle to exploring the desolation of Antarctica, climbing the highest peak in North America to riding endless pow in Japan, touring backyard stashes to claiming first descents. If we haven’t put our gear through harshest tests first, our ambassadors are sure to do it for us.
    My twin brother Tyler and I (Bryce) founded Karakoram in February 2008 to follow our dream of combining our careers with our shared passion for the mountains. Skiing and snowboarding has always been a part of our lives, starting skiing at the age of 3 and eventually moving on to snowboarding in the late ’80s. Our first glimpse into backcountry exploration came about when we were in high school and had just started teaching snowboarding at Alpental Ski Area in Washington state. Since then we’ve been hooked.
    Both Tyler and I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, AASI Level III Snowboard Certifications, a combined 20 years of mechanical design experience and a lifetime of skiing and snowboarding. With our education and experience we have set out to push backcountry gear to the next level, starting with the Split30 splitboard system.
    In August 2011,  we announced our  partnership with Jeremy Jones.  Jeremy’s backcountry experience and knowledge will help continue the evolution of the Karakoram splitboard interface.

    Why Support Karakoram?
    Karakoram was started by backcountry enthusiasts like you who wanted more from our gear. We are the little guys in a big ski industry, but what that means for you is you have our ears. When you have concerns about a product or have a product need that isn’t being served you get to talk to the owners and engineers of Karakoram. By purchasing Karakoram products you are supporting a new wave in backcountry innovation.
We look forward to seeing you on the hill or in the backcountry,
    Bryce and Tyler Kloster
    In this age of out sourcing to China, Karakoram is dedicated to building our product in the United States. Ninety four percent of the parts in the Karakoram     Split30 splitboard bindings are made in the USA, with 91 percent being made in Washington state. We assemble every Karakoram splitboard binding system in our shop in North Bend, WA. Every person involved with the assembly of Karakoram products is a passionate snowboarder, backcountry enthusiast or outdoor adventurer. We want our products to perform at the highest standards because we are the end users just like our customers.

    When you purchase a Karakoram product realize that you are not just supporting a small company, but you are also supporting our Washington state supply base : two CNC shops, an Injection Molder, and a Sheet Metal Shop. We greatly appreciate your support.
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