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Raceone is a leader company that plans and realizes bottle cages, bottles and other accessories for bicycles.
Thirty years of artisan manufacturing Italian experience, matched with huge passion for cycling represent Raceone’s DNA.
The brand is distributed and famous worldwide, this thanks to the exclusive design, high quality of materials and attention to details, all rigorously made in Italy.
Develop and study of the products happen with useful collaboration of the major cycling professional Teams of Europe, that continue choosing Raceone for their races:
since more than ten years the products are used during "Giro d’Italia”, "Vuelta de España”, "Milano-Sanremo” and other events.
Today Raceone, strong for the reached aims, keeps on looking forward new goals, in order to continue developing and maintaining that added value conquered to win every competition of high-level sportive performances.

2009 – Raceone was found and begun the production of the MTB bottle cage, model X5 GEL with exclusive lateral inserts in gel, useful to increment grip with the bottle and resistance to vibrations. 
2010 – Birth of model X-ONE, the OPEN bottle cage ideal for every use, it matches appearance style and facilitated employment, both for road and off-road.  
2011 – The year of X3 Race, the strong point of the entire Raceone range, result of an engineering research and very aerodynamic, it grants the best air penetration coefficient: realized for races, it has win the affection of millions of athletics, becoming the best seller and the best appreciated from the clients.  
2012 – The production of bottles begins with an original innovation: the model OneTouch, with patented system of opening/closing just with one finger, this makes 
possible to the company to open at the market of bottles for bikes. 
2013 – Raceone starts the production of the standard bottle for bikes, the model XR1, with the characteristics that identify the brand: research and use of biocompatible materials, resistant to impacts and bad weather, all included with an efficient design and captivating graphic. 
2014 – The Pony obtains the patent, it is a universal bike support, with scissor movement that does not ruin the spokes and keeps the bike in a perfect vertical 
2015 – Raceone launches The Bottle toolbox PR1, a handy can used by professionals; thanks to the double cap, it can contain utensil and emergency tools separated from small accessories or coins. 
2016 – From the success had by the Toolbox PR1, Raceone purposes the toolbox PR2, smaller in order to offer more versatility to the cyclists. 
2017 – The range of bottles increases by the addition of the thermal I.GLOO, suitable for extreme weather conditions and able to maintain thermal temperature up to two hours.

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