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Gear That Brings Energy Everywhere

Discover stoves, lights, and solar panels designed to power your life outside.Every purchase brings safe, affordable energy access to off-grid households across India and Africa.

Open fire cooking

causes over 4 million deaths per year, according to the World Health Organization. Conditions like heart disease and COPD are directly linked to the toxic smoke inhaled by the billions of people still cooking over biomass fires.

These open fires also release significant amounts of CO2 and produce a staggering 25% of global black carbon emissions. This is more than all the world’s cars and trucks combined.

Energy Is Essential
Energy sits at the center of our lives, keeping us safe, productive, and comfortable. Energy improves health, combats climate change, enables communication and education, generates income, and empowers women. Creating access for a growing world population has become one of the biggest opportunities of our time. 

Nearly half the planet lacks clean, affordable household energy, cooking meals on smoky open fires and having little or no electricity in their homes. At BioLite, we engage in two distinct customer segments: off-grid households in emerging markets and outdoor recreation users seeking fuel-independent cooking and charging. Using a unique business model called Parallel Innovation, our team develops core energy technologies that are applicable to both markets. We then design products unique to our outdoor and emerging markets customers.

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